Tutorial: Basic Shooting

In this short beginners tutorial we will look at one of the simplest ways to make an object shoot.

How to add an action. Attaching a basic shooting mechanic Action called the “Weapons Shoot” Action.

No scripting required!

There are many ways to expand beyond this action as it can be dynamically controlled via a host of lua commands and Event functions (a Lua function called by the Damage action) there are even a few visual modules that also react to this action, but for this tutorial we will keep it simple.

Basic Shooting Tutorial or read on for an overview of this tutorial…
Page 1: Setup Simple Cube Character
Simple Character Setup
In this optional part of the tutorial you will learn how to:
  • Add a simple test model and set it up as a very basic character controller.
  • Locate and set entity properties.
  • Attach Actions to an entity.
  • Set the character controller to fit the cube.

Page 2: Simple Shooting
Simple Shooting
How to simply make an object or character shoot.
  • Adding and editing the Weapons Shoot action.
  • Use the actions debug Rays.
  • Add Muzzle flash.