FAQ: General Information

Various questions that dont fit into any other category.

Isn’t SGE just an FPS making software

No Skyline is not an FPS game type creator - although it can do this very well. Skyline is an agnostic game engine (not any particular game genre) which has been designed to be as flexible as possible whilst keeping the power required for today’s modern games. All the complex stuff has, where possible been hidden and simplified controls made available ie until you require more in depth properties. With Skyline you can make games such FPS, Third person, shooter, RPG with some of the hard work already done for you in the form of Game Objects.

Just a toy, game in a box

Skyline is a pro rendering software solution wrapped with many tools to help you make games with only a shallow learning curve. Some features may make it look like a game in a box but all of these objects can be fully expanded by you or created from scratch, the options are yours.

What does SGE mean?

SGE is our short hand for writing Skyline Game Engine

What does GO mean?

GO is our short hand for writing Game Object