Welcome Traveler

Welcome to the Skyline Game Engine User Manual.

This manual will be kept fun and try not to go into boring depth, we want you to learn from the many hands on examples to guide you on your journey of discovery.

Simple Explanations
Hands on experimenting
Clear examples

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As we develop more game mechanics these will become available to all of your projects via updates or DLC thus building on a rich database of customisable, reusable game mechanics in the guise of Game Objects (Game ready assets).

Fun to Learn

We don’t want your time on Skyline to feel like work as it’s our belief that if games are fun to make then this is carried out to the end user who will be playing your game.

Lots to Explore

A modular design that grows with you at your own pace, along with a comfy ergonomic WYSIWYG UI for ultra-fast feedback of any scene changes, Skyline provides a streamlined rapid development feature set. Our motto with Skyline is “Don’t Re-Invent the Wheel”.

Document TOC

  • Basic Use
    • Navigation
    • Layouts
    • load and save
    • key shortcuts
  • Editors
    • particles
    • terrain
    • scene settings
    • Weapons Editor
  • Plugin Editors
    • Quest Editor

Mechanics Tools
  • Actions System
    • Adding Actions
    • Physics
    • 2D
    • Misc
    • Effects
  • Scripting
    • Script systems and uses
    • How to add an Micro script
    • How to add an External script
  • Visual Modules
    • Best use
    • Editor Over view
    • Connections
    • Workflow
  • Module List
    • Events
    • Entity
    • Variables
    • Lua