What is Skyline

Skyline is an agnostic game engine that is it can be used to make any type of 3D game. Designed to be as flexible as possible whilst keeping the power required for today’s modern games.
All the complex stuff has, where possible been hidden and simplified controls made available until you require more in depth properties. This way you can expect the learning curve to be a lot less than other similar products and grow at your own pace.

With Skyline you can make games such as FPS, Third person, shooter, RPG with some of the hard work already done for you in the form of Game Objects.


Love to play games but you would like to start making your own games without the restriction of the game mod kits, or a modder who is tied of moving from game to game looking for that special set of mechanics. Then make use of the easy to use Game Objects full of different mechanics for many types of games.

Can not find what you want then visit the store and get you hands on some game ready DLC to push the boundaries of your imagination.
Fancy something fresh! then have a play with the visual modules or start to explore scripting to start developing your own flavor.

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Artist Workflow

Skyline is artist friendly with many tools for making your scenes look great and a simplified processes for bringing it to life without having to be a coder.

With the game objects artists can import cool models and setup their surfaces with the PBR styled workflow and a simple to use yet powerful material editor, add a few of the modular mechanics via a library of scripts and graphs and sell as Game objects for others less artistically able.

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Scripting Mechanics

Coders will enjoy the expand-ability of the tool-set via plugins and be able to develop their own game mechanics which could be sold as Game objects to help the non-codes get awesome game dynamics.

Many assets and editor features have been set up so that coders don’t have to be an artist to get good scenes and can get down to creating mechanics straight away.

Skyline provides a featured Script Editor with built in API snippets, Function list and an online API.

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