Scripting: Scene Script

This script is a run time script which can be used to run a full game such as space invaders or manage a game level. The Scene script is different from the other script types as this type requires no selected object.
You can only have one scene script per scene. If you require more script pages for the scene script, you can always use the sky.include(“myFile.lua”) command at the top.

Add a Scene Script

Hold the mouse still and [RMB]. From this menu select the “Lua – Scene Script” option. This option will still be available even if you have a selected object or not.

Once this option is clicked the script editor will be opened with this scenes script ready for editing.

Save Scene Script

When ready click the Save icon to save this script. The saving of the script saves this scripts contents to the scene and not to a hard drive location. The complete scene needs to be saved in order to ensure you don’t lose any scene script data. To get around this you can ,as mentioned earlier use the sky.include(“myFile.lua”) command and this file is stored on your hard drive.