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Tutorial: This Tutorial

In this tutorial we will look at how to set up a basic character ready for use as a player.

This includes setting up the character controller action, known as the “SCC” and how to attach a script to handle the characters movement (Script! I hear some of you shudder, it will be just a simple copy paste example).

The same processes are involved for setting up an AI character, such as adding the SCC and attaching a script but in this case you would obviously require a different script.

This Tutorial or read on for an overview of this tutorial…

Page 1: Setting up the Actions

Basic Character Setup
In this part of the tutorial you will learn how to:
  • Add the character controller action which will let the character interact with the engines physics world.
  • Attach a micro script for adding simple player movement control.

Page 2: Step Two

Animation Mapper
To make characters work from shared scripts or example scripts we use the Animation Mapper. This tutorial part will show you:
  • Where to locate the Animation Mapper Editor
  • How to set up the Animation Mapper