FAQ: Game Objects

Hints and Tips relative to using the Game Objects panel.

Q) What are the Key Commands for Randomizing painting

When adding an object from the game objects panel you have some hidden power unleashed by a few key modifiers. here is the full list:

  • key[1] Axis placement mode.
  • key[2] Bounds placement mode.
  • Key[3] Random rotation.
  • Key[4] Random scale.
  • key[CTRL] Rotate object before adding.
  • key[ALT] Normal Scale object prior to adding.
  • key[ALT+>] set max random scale
  • key[ALT+<] Set min random scale.
  • Key[SHIFT+ALT] Large scaling.
  • key[5] Toggle Grid snap on/off.

Q) How to tell what paint mode you are in.

The current painting mode is momentarily displayed when you select an object from the game objects panel.
it is displayed in the top left of the main scene screen.