FAQ: Assets:

Quick information related to any asset type use in SGE. Model formats, materials, texture images etc.

FBX conversion generates many files?

FBX - this is a file that is exported from a modelling package or downloaded when purchased from web,
When an FBX is dragged into skyline, our converter makes several files from it.

  • mesh - this is the mesh file, which is what you see in the scene after an .fbx is dragged in.
  • material - this holds all the information to texture your mesh, through use of shaders. You won't need to edit this file as there is a dedicated Material Editor.
  • skeleton - if your FBX has bones for animations, then a .skeleton file is created holding all the bone information for your .mesh

Are there any prefabs?

Skyline uses a Preset which in some ways is similar to a prefab from other engines. The preset contains predefined translation information, material and dynamic modifiers such as Actions, scripts, modules.

If you drag a model to the scene it is just that, a model. But if you create a preset from the model and set its properties so that it is game ready, you can just add this preset to save any more set up time.
Also a preset once game ready can be used as a Game Object.

When preset is created if you select many models then these will also be added to the single preset sharing the same axis point.

Game Object or Preset?

A Game Object or GO is a Preset that has been fully set up to perform a specified game mechanic role. These roles can be either static, dynamic or interactive.

  • Static GO: A building or any other object that does not move or have to be interacted with other than have a physical presence. This object could have a static Rigid Body and be defined as a static entity
  • Dynamic GO : A barrel or a ball that the player can move. This would have a dynamic physics rigid body action attached.
  • Interactive GO: A door, weapon or reading a note are all player interactive and can have a combination of actions and scripting to provide its functionality.

Another note about Game Objects is that they have their own special interface which provides a context aware functionality. In the simplest use you can quickly spray GO onto the scene, others have one off scene placement and some have even greater functionality, please see the Game Objects section for more information.

New Material can not drag and drop, Not showing Correctly!

Sub Material ERROR Icon

This generally happens because:
  • the assets are not added to the resource system
  • The files are located outside of the System library and not set as a main library… but if they are in a project then its fine
  • Can you see the assets thumbnail icon in the asset Manager?

Note: With a project, it is best to clear the resource list and reload it, this can be done by deleting the resource files found in your $(ProjectDir)\Resources folder

Sometimes there are issues in skyline after creating resource groups; in the fact that the engine needs restarted but this is a rare case now.

When does an Entity become a GO?

The Entity is Skylines lowest scene container. When the entity has various actions, scripts etc to perform a Game ready role then it can be saved as a preset and setup to work from the Game object system.

What is the System Library?

The System library has replaced the Asset Library as Skylines built in content. The Asset Library has now become a user library and been replaced with System Library for all pre-installed content.
Please use the Asset Library for your own content as the System Library gets cleaned on install. Any DLC will be installed to your asset library.