Character Movement

This is where I see a few artists go running off, please bear with me as it wont be that painful! To get our character to do some thing we need to run a script on it. Earlier in the tutorial we added a Micro Script action to the entity. This script is unique to this object and as such, you can not damage any script library file. The worst that can happen is that you break the script, which in this case will be a very easy fix. I promise!

1) Open the Script

Open this characters Micro Script by first selecting the character and RMB > Lua - [Edit] Micro Script

2) Script Editor

Fear not, for a lot of mechanics tutorials you can just copy and paste code directly into the script editor and save. This will be generally all you need to do unless you are feeling a bit more adventurous or of course you are a scripter. So you should have the script editor open now and looking similar to the following image.

3a) Copy Paste Script

Select all of the script text and delete it, you should have a blank page. This is in preparation for adding the new movement example script.

Optional Information: Each script in the editor lives in its own Tab Page which you can see at the top of the text area. Each new script that opens in the editor creates a new tab. The tab contains the name of the entity it is attached to plus you may notice the prefix of MS: This signifies that it is a micro script not an external script.

Ensure you have the characters script open, you can check the name of the script from the “Tab” as we just looked at. Copy the script from below and paste it into the characters scripts blank page.

3b) Save Script

Then all you need to do is press the save button. Clicking save in the script editor is context aware, i.e. it saves to the selected pages object if it is a micro script, or to a file location if it is an external script.

As we have mentioned Micro scripts are saved to the object not to file this means it is saved with the scene file, so make sure you save your scene regularly.

5) The Movement Script

Copy the following code and paste into the characters micro script. Then press the script editors save button and also save your scene.

walkSpeed      = 1000;
runSpeed       = 2000;
turnSpeed      = 150;
jumpAmt = 0.2;
obj = 0;
forwardKeyDown = false;
backKeyDown    = false;
leftKeyDown    = false;
rightKeyDown   = false;
shiftKeyDown   = false;
spaceKeyDown   = false;
isJumping      = false;
idleanim       = "";
walkanim       = "";
runanim        = "";
jumpanim       = "";
timeDelta      = 0.0;
-- System initialisation - Skyline script entry point
function onInit(objID)
	sky.lprint("LUA: Script Active!");
	obj = objID;
-- Called after all the scenes onInit() have been called.
-- If you need to ensure your data exits, then do you set up here
function postInit()
	idleanim 	= anim.getFromMap(obj, "Idle1");
	walkanim 	= anim.getFromMap(obj, "Walk");
	runanim 	= anim.getFromMap(obj, "Run");
	jumpanim 	= anim.getFromMap(obj, "Jump");
	anim.playAnimation(obj, idleanim, 0, 0);
-- Updated every frame
function onUpdate(td)
	timeDelta = td;
function idle()
	character.move(obj, 0 );
	anim.playAnimation(obj, idleanim,30, 1);
function walk(direction)
	character.move(obj, walkSpeed*direction*timeDelta );
	anim.setSpeed(obj, walkanim, direction);
	anim.playAnimation(obj, walkanim, 30, 1);
function run(direction)
	character.move(obj, runSpeed*direction*timeDelta ); 
	anim.setSpeed(obj, runanim, direction);
	anim.playAnimation(obj, runanim, 100, 1);
function turn( direction )
	if(direction == -1)then
		entity.turn(obj, 0, turnSpeed*timeDelta, 0)
	elseif(direction == 1)then
		entity.turn(obj, 0, -turnSpeed*timeDelta, 0)	
function startJump()
	character.setJumpDownforce(obj, 1000);
	character.doJump(obj, 400  );
	anim.playAnimation(obj, jumpanim, 10, 1);
function checkForKeys(timeDelta)
	if(forwardKeyDown == true and shiftKeyDown == false)then
	elseif(forwardKeyDown == true and shiftKeyDown == true)then
	elseif(backKeyDown == true and shiftKeyDown == false)then
	elseif(backKeyDown == true and shiftKeyDown == true)then
	if(spaceKeyDown == true)then
	if(leftKeyDown == true)then	turn(-1, timeDelta); end
	if(rightKeyDown == true)then turn(1, timeDelta); end
function onKeyDown(key)
	if(key == "w")then forwardKeyDown = true; end
	if(key == "s")then backKeyDown = true; end
	if(key == "a")then leftKeyDown = true; end
	if(key == "d")then rightKeyDown = true; end
	if(key == "space")then spaceKeyDown = true; end
	if(key == "shift")then shiftKeyDown = true; end
function onKeyUp( key )
	if(key == "w")then forwardKeyDown = false; end
	if(key == "s")then backKeyDown = false; end
	if(key == "a")then leftKeyDown = false; end
	if(key == "d")then rightKeyDown = false; end
	if(key == "space")then spaceKeyDown = false; end
	if(key == "shift")then shiftKeyDown = false; end

Save the script and……

If you would like to know more about how this script works please read to the end of the next section, as after the walking and running speed has been covered you will be able to skip the page if you are not interested in the scripting!