Setup the Character Controller - SCC

Our character need its physics controller capsule adjusted to fit the models dimensions. This is a very straight forward task and with the aid of the scene settings “physics debug lines” option we can get the capsule to fit nice and snug on to the model.

1) Locate the SCC Action

Back in the character models property panel, locate the green heading called “Simple Character Controller”, and just beneath this there is a section called “SCC Controller Properties”, open this section up. It is in here where we will set up the characters physics controller body settings such as its height and how it interacts with the ground.

These properties are for setting up your characters “physics body”, that is the thing that gives solidity to your character in your game world and the ability to interact with other physics objects in the game such as a wall or take damage.

2) Debug Physics

To see the debug mesh we need to turn it on. So locate the “Scene Settings” Panel and look for the physics section. Inside this section there is a check box to enable “Debug Physics Meshes” enable this as in the following image. You can also see in this image how the debug mesh shows the capsule around the character.

NOTE: To get the debug lines to show you must turn on animate mode from the main editors toolbar, this will draw any physics mesh lines.

Then turn Animate mode off and the lines will stay in place. To clear these lines turn off “Debug Physics Meshes” the lines will disappear.

3a) Setting the Values

Change the values marked with an orange outline in the following image so that your setting match the images.

3b) Property Values

Here are the properties in text:
SCC character Height = 0.8
SCC character Width = 0.3
SCC gravity = -10
SCC Offset = 0 -0.75 0
SCC skin width = 0.01