Guide: Game Objects Part-1

In this section we will have a quick look at the Game Objects system which is one of the fastest ways of adding game ready assets to the scene.Plus most available DLC is provided as Game Objects (GO).
GO assets generally have some form of game mechanic attach whether its just simple physical collision for buildings or can be more complex assets such as characters with full player controller and interactive system. All of the game objects can be found in the game objects panel.
In some categories there are even GO items for changing terrain textures to match various environments, change the skybox even some simple lighting controls!

1) Game Objects Panel

The GO Panel can be closed from view simply by clicking on the GO Toolbar icon. To re-open the panel simply click this icon again.

You should be used to opening a scene and moving your camera around, time to add our first object.

Now you may or may not like First person shooters but this is where we will first start. Skyline is game agnostic , meaning it can do anything and not a game in a box. Over time more and more game types will be available as downloadable game object DLC, such as melee players, AI shooters, more vehicles.

2) Add our First Object

Time to let the clicking begin.
With you game object panel open, select a category from the left followed by a topic followed by selecting the object to paint with.

3) Painting GO Items

As soon as you select the GO FPS Player or any other GO item, it gets added to your scene cursor and acts like a brush. Click [LMB] in the scene and the item will get placed in the location you just clicked [LMB].

Different GO items have various ways of painting, some such as the FPS player only paint once as you only need one Player!

These single use types, once added to the scene will clear the GO brush.

Other GO items such as rocks, plants etc use the constant paint mode and can be painted over and over in rapid succession and remain attached to the brush until you remove them.

4) Clearing the Brush

GO Items that use the constant paint mode remain on the brush until you remove them. If you select another GO Item this will then replace the previous object on the brush.

To remove the current brush simply Click the Right Mouse Button [RMB] or Key [ESC] and the object will disappear and leave just the cursor. Also, if you go to edit any of the other panels the brush will be removed. If you require the brush again just re-select the GO item you were previously using.

5) Constant Paint mode

Lets select another object, this time let us choose one that uses the constant paint mode. Choose:

TOPIC: Rocks
GO ITEM: Rock 00D

You should now have a rock on your scene cursor. If you clicked the left mouse button [LMB] in the Scene, you would keep adding rocks every time you [LMB]

This is great BUT! every rock you add looks the same as the others. The same size and the same rotations. This can be fixed but using the GO Random feature.

6) Randomize my Rocks!

The Game Object Random feature is activated by a key press , so it's easy for you to change settings on the fly.
Before you paint, Press the following Keys:

  • [3] - Random Vertical rotation. pressed repeatedly will toggle feature ON/OFF.
  • [4] - Random Scale. pressed repeatedly will toggle feature ON/OFF.

Also move your camera back so that you have a good overview of the ground. Look slightly towards the ground and spin the Mouse Wheel quickly backwards. Remember that by holding [SHIFT] as you do this will let you cover more distance quicker.

7) Click and Paint

Select the Rock again as it very unlikely it is still selected and move the mouse around the ground plane, Repeatably Pressing [LMB] where you want a rock to be placed.

8) Add the Player

Select the game object “FPS Armed” and place it somewhere in the middle of the scene.

CATEGORY: Mechanics
TOPIC: Markers
GO ITEM: Fps Armed

9) Add AI Zombie

Add the game object “Zombie” Player some where in the scene. Now this is an constant mode game object. this can be repeatedly added to the scene. Place a few zombies scattered around the scene

Leave the Random Rotation key[3] ON as it will change the direction the zombies are facing.

CATEGORY: Characters
TOPIC: NPC Hostile
GO ITEM: AI Zombie Male

10)Game Object UI

When a Game Object Item is selected an simple text based ui is shown on the upper left corner of the scene view. Notice the bottom two lines show the current state of the Random modes, Random Rotate ON/OFF etc.

11) Save Your Scene

Even though this was a simple scene to make there is a bit more we can do to it. Some atmosphere is required but this will be later in this guide.

To SAVE you scene either use the main menu File>Save Scene, Press key combination [CTRL + S] or use the toolbar Save Icon.
Choose a location to save your scene, Asset Library/Scenes will be fine.

12) Press Play and Shoot Some Zombies

Remember that you can press the Key[F9] to play/Stop saves having to use the toolbar play button.
Use the keys:

[W A S D] - to move your player.
[LMB] - to shoot
[R] - Reload
[SPACE] - Jump
[Mouse Move] - Look around and rotate your character.

Next we will use the GO Lighting to add some atmosphere and introduce the “Scene Entity List” where all of the assets you have placed in the scene can be organised.